This is me, an ex-pat Brit, half-Welsh in fact,
living very happily on the Far Side since
emigrating to New Zealand in 2005.

By day, I'm a freelance management consultant and author, specialising in information risk and security. 

I work from a home office that doubles as a
radio shack, man-cave, jumble-container
and dust-magnet. It's my happy place. 

My main hobby interest is HF CW DXing,
particularly on 10m lately, thanks to 
sunspots giving us good propagation
on the high HF bands.

My clubs include  FOC, ARRL, Kiwi DXers, 

ZM4T, M6T, G0FBB, G-QRP-C & VooDudes


A comprehensive guide to installing, configuring, using 
and optimising this extraordinarily capable and 
entirely free logging program by K4CY. 

A practical guide for amateurs who take pride
in their CW sending and receiving capabilities,
seeking that elusive blend of efficiency,
quality, style and distinctiveness.  Incorporates
sage advice and tips from my friends in FOC.

This started life as my personal aide-memoire when the 
digital mode was first released and the protocols were developing live alongside the software.  It grew into
80+ pages of tips on making the best of FT8, particularly 
for HF DXing where even modest stations running low power to basic antennas can achieve impressive results.   

Written for the ARRL, this guide
helps amateurs upload their QSOs
to Logbook of The World and
download electronic confirmations.

An annotated PowerPoint slide deck
written for a presentation on LoTW
at the Napier radio club in 2021.

See the 'Notes' pages for clues.

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Send me a talkie on DX Cluster when you see me spotted or spotting stuff

Respond to my CQ calls on air - usually on CW near the oh-two-fives

Tail-end a QSO (QSYing up if it's not 'my' frequency)

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