QSL cards received

Here are my favourite and most valuable QSL cards. representing 
all the DXCC entities I have worked as ZL2iFB or ZM4G.

Most are also confirmed electronically, but the charm of old-skool QSL cards 
is hard to beat ... and now, having scanned them for this page, I have
the ideal set of photos for a slideshow screensaver.  

Well, ideal for an avid DXer like me, anyway.  Love it!

The remaining cards are stashed away - thousands of cards filling a dozen shoeboxes.  
That's why the QSL info on my QRZ.com page says 'No duplicate cards, please'.  
Why on Earth do so many German and Japanese hams QSL 100%?  Beats me.

If your QSL card is such a striking, beautiful work of art that you'd like to see it proudly displayed 
here in my gallery, please contact me on-air first, then send me your card with a note.  Thanks!

Contacting rare and far-off stations with little power but bags of persistence